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Mini Voilà Mes Souhaits


Mini – Voilà Mes Souhaits


The wishes locked up in this scarf are what every parent wishes for their child. Que tu sois Aimé/That you may be loved Que tu sois Heureux/that you have happiness Je t’ai tant voulu/ I had so wanted you……….The keys now thrown away, means the wishes are locked in your heart forever!

  • 13 by 13 Inches
  • All Silk, 10 Momi, delicately machine rolled
  • Made In Italy




All Hallmarks of NIMINIMI Designed Scarves:
  • Art that is wearable.
  • Each scarf has a story reflected in its name
  • Clarity And Crispness Of Image
  • Unique and distinctive Design
  • All Silk, delicately machine rolled in Italy
  • Designs available in 13 x 13 Inches and also in 36 x 36 inches