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Mini Ouvre Moi Ta Porte


Mini – Ouvre Moi Ta Porte


“Ouvre Moi Ta Porte” (Open Doors)

Designed to support the fundraising efforts of the UNHCR for refugee settlement, this scarf conveys the message that we have all come through different doors, at different times that were opened for us or that we opened for other loved ones. In the face of global crises, closing doors on displaced victims is simply not viable. Through these doors we see hope, a new life, sunshine and perhaps even a glimpse of heaven.

  • 13 by 13 Inches
  • All Silk, 10 Momi.
  • Made In Italy

NimiNimi Scarves is proud to partner with the Office of the United Nations High Commissionner for Refugees (UNHRC) raising further support in the effort to aid and protect people who have fled their homes due to violence, conflict and persecution.

A $100 will be contributed towards the fund raising efforts of the UN Refugee Agency with the purchase of a 36 by 36 inches scarf and $30 with the purchase of a 13 by 13 inches pocket scarf.




All Hallmarks of NIMINIMI Designed Scarves:
  • Art that is wearable.
  • Each scarf has a story reflected in its name
  • Clarity And Crispness Of Image
  • Unique and distinctive Design
  • All Silk, delicately machine rolled in Italy
  • Designs available in 13 x 13 Inches and also in 36 x 36 inches