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Mini Novembre


Mini Novembre

The poppy was the first flower to bloom above the graves of soldiers in Flanders Fields. Ever since it has been the symbol of remembrance of the First World War.

Beautiful poppies and irises decorate this scarf and I have overlaid an incomplete heart to acknowledge the broken spirits that war leaves behind.

NimiNimi Scarves is proud to support True Patriot Love Foundation once again to help our Canadian military and Veteran families. In honor of Remembrance Day and the month of November, “Novembre” was created to represent the vast symbolism of the poppy.

With every purchase of our mini scarf, $30 being contributed from each sale.

  • Pocket size 13 by 13 Inches
  • All Silk, 10 Momi, delicately machine finished
  • Made In Italy
  • Available in full size, 36 by 36 Inches




All Hallmarks of NIMINIMI Designed Scarves:
  • Art that is wearable.
  • Each scarf has a story reflected in its name
  • Clarity And Crispness Of Image
  • Unique and distinctive Design
  • All Silk, delicately machine rolled in Italy
  • Designs available in 13 x 13 Inches and also in 36 x 36 inches