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Mini L’Amour Nous Adoucit


Mini L’Amour Nous Adoucit

The most frightening of creatures will surrender to Love…

My scarf, L’Amour Nous Adoucit reminds us that the toughest and strongest in our midst will submit to and defer to the, “Je ne sais quoi” about Love.

Enjoy love Cherish each other!

  • Pocket square 13 by 13 Inches
  • All Silk, 10 Momi, delicately machine finished
  • Made In Italy




All Hallmarks of NIMINIMI Designed Scarves:
  • Art that is wearable.
  • Each scarf has a story reflected in its name
  • Clarity And Crispness Of Image
  • Unique and distinctive Design
  • All Silk, delicately machine rolled in Italy
  • Designs available in 13 x 13 Inches and also in 36 x 36 inches