Release: NimiNimi Scarves Partners with United Nations Refugee Agency Raising Awareness to Stylish New Heights

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In an industry that is all about the clothes we wear to enhance ourselves, can fashion be used to raise awareness and support for global issues? That’s exactly what the brand NimiNimi has set out to do. With philanthropy at the forefront of her latest collection, she seeks to make the world a more beautiful place one beautiful design at a time.

Nimi Nanji-Simard founded NimiNimi Scarves as a vehicle to support important causes worldwide, by sharing stories through style. NimiNimi’s unisex creations feature vibrant colours and intricate designs woven from Nanji Simard’s childhood memories of Africa and her current cosmopolitan lifestyle in Montreal.

This season, NimiNimi Scarves has partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to boost support for the plight of persons displaced by violence, conflict, and persecution.

To mark the new partnership, NimiNimi unveils its latest creation, titled, “Ouvre Moi Ta Porte” (Won’t you open your doors). “We have all come in through different doors from somewhere, sometime, and often brought others with us. Closing doors while facing global challenges is simple not viable.” -Nimi Nanji-Simard

The NimiNimi scarves are now available for purchase in two sizes at and in select stores. The 36” x 36” scarf retails for $300, with $100 of each sale going to the UN Refugee Agency. The 13” x 13” mini scarf retails at $80, with $30 being contributed from each sale.

Nimi’s list of admirers now includes famed Canadians such as Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and Christine Lagarde.