Scarf styles at the office

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Office-wear, sometimes, can be a hassle when you have a certain dress code to follow. It’s important to stay professional but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little fun to your everyday work look. Monday through Friday can be full of fashion surprises and all it takes is a few accessories and hints of colour to brighten up any meeting.

Ottawa-based wardrobe consultant, Mary Ciancibello, is no stranger to the corporate world and has established a successful career helping professionals communicate with style. Work and play can go hand-in-hand through smart styling choices.

The LWD (little white dress) is can be just as versatile as your LBD (little black dress) whether that may be in or out of the office. White is a fantastic colour to be worn in both Fall and Winter with the help of wearing heavier fabrics. Adding a monochromatic contrast with a dark jacket is perfect addition while we are still transitioning from the warmer to cold months.

Of course, no outfit is complete without an accessory to finish the overall look. A pocket square scarf can pull off more than meets the eye by becoming a choker-like neck wrap. For those who prefer something more traditional, larger silk scarves can be wrapped loosely giving off an equally elegant and, very professional, look.

Photo Credit: Christina MacPherson