A pocket square through time

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nimi-pocketLike many fashion stories, it all started back in the age of antiquity. The rise of the pocket square began its journey amongst the wealthy in Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome as a simple white linen square.

Throughout the middle ages and as diseases plagued throughout Europe, silk handkerchiefs scented with perfumes were used to protect people’s sense of smell while travelling through busy urban centres.  Finally, famous royals including Louis XVI were great admirers of the pochette and its growing patterns.

During the nineteenth century, pocket scarves were a necessary fashion garment for the two-piece pant suit. As with many accessories, it became a representation of luxury status only the most prestigious of gentlemen wore.

With the pant suit and other garments evolving for both men and women, the pochette has also evolved with its many creative spin-offs. Pocket squares, for many, add an even more personal touch than a tie, and for some, have become the “new tie”.