The ‘Power Scarf’

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Photo by Simon Dawson – Bloomberg via Getty Images

Scarves. Empress Josephine had a wide collection of them. After WWII, British and American women wore scarves to promote national pride and post-war symbolism. To this day, there is so much more to be said about what may seem to many like a simple and versatile accessory.

When you look at some of the most powerful professional women of our time, such as IMG Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, her accessory of choice has inspired many to follow, too, wearing this “new power symbol”. As I like to call it The Power Scarf, boldness in choice of material and colour shares a deeper meaning about women taking a lead in their line of work.

Ultimately, the true accessory is confidence.

Christine Lagarde wearing ‘Couleurs du Monde’ in New York (September 2016)



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  1. Ruth Wheelwright

    Love your scarves. Where can one buy them in Toronto?